iOS9 and Windows 10/Cubase Pro 8

So considering I just got an iPhone 6+ and have Cubase Pro running on Win 10, wondering if that combination is known to work with iC or iC pro yet. I see the sticky about iOS9, which is what I am running, is it a complete fail or are there portions that are functional? Read though some topics but not seeing much in this respect. The sticky remains un-updated since September.

Thanks. Trying to make a buying decision.



Shhhhhhhh… everyone’s sleeping… :laughing:

I guess I wont bother spending the $$$.

I’m on win 10, Cubase 8.5 and iOS9 and Cubase IC Pro works fine.
Except that the track colors in Cubase IC Pro on the ipad are different to the track colors on the PC.
I don’t think that’s an iOS9 problem though.
I think it’s a “feature” of Cubase IC Pro - random track colors.

Thanks for the response. I was actually trying to get iC going first, before committing to $$$ for pro. Perhaps I will just have to take that leap of faith and see if it works for me.

I’m running Cubase IC Pro on an iPad 2/ios9.2, and in the middle of a Cubase 8.5 song playback, the IC pro somehow manages to crash my soundcard driver (Presonus Audiobox 1818 VSL) - I need to reboot my system.

Guess Steinberg wants us to buy their very expensive CC121 controller? (I wonder whether that one is Cubase 8.5 compliant, by the way)

Anyone having this problem as well?


Thanks for the heads up.