IOSONO releases surround panning and upmixing plug-in ANYMIX

Hi everyone,

After more than a year of development, we’re happy to release Anymix, a first-of-its-kind VST/RTAS surround mixing plug-in. It’s very easy to use and allows you to create natural surround (up)mixes from mono/stereo up to 8.1 and back in premier quality – perfect for post-production, music, broadcast, game sound. Parameters such as Ambience, Dry/Wet and Stage Width add that “certain something” to your mixes.

It even comes with a fully integrated panner, allowing you to pan your signals by using unique parameters such as Distance and EQ curve, making your surround mixes really coming alive. You also get deep control of the entire positioning of all channels within the surround field, allowing for precise movements. Even single sources can be dissolved from the multichannel setup and freely positioned within the listening space.

Please feel free to check out our trial version at!

And, we’ve a special offer running: Save up to 50% with special discount, only until March 31st.

Have fun with Anymix!


And highly recommended it is too.
Makes a great addition to the v5 standard surround panner, especially if you run up anymix as an insert - although you can use it in place of the standard panner too.
The upmixing functionality is very different to anyone else’s way of working - takesgetting used to but works, although very source dependent.

A nice tool - recommended.

Thanks for the feedback Neil, glad you enjoy working with Anymix!