iPad 2.4 iCloud drive update & Windows

Nice job as usual with the UI, I like the |Recent Projects | On My iPad | iCloud Drive| feature, and further like that the drive folder is now visible with the Dorico icon branding in the Files app.

On Windows 11 iCloud however it’s not showing up on two machines I checked and that’s where I need to see it, as I’ll be going between Win and the iPad mostly. I haven’t checked my Mac desktop, but the folder is properly showing up on my iPhone.

I can’t sign out of iCloud to kick it without it deleting/recreating everything and other trouble. So is it expected that the Dorico folder will share to Windows?

Do you have the Apple Control Panel software installed? It enables iCloud on Windows. This is a general statement. I have not tried the Dorico iPad app. But I would think the Computer would need access to iCloud for that feature to work.

Yes of course or I wouldn’t have the iCloud folder to look at or be having this problem :grin:

Meanwhile I unticked iCloud Drive in the settings and then will retick it to see if it downloads a fresh copy. Taking an inordinate amount of time …

One possible issue is that previously - not understanding how this worked because the Dorico folder was hidden, I had created a Dorico folder in Drive at the top level. On Apple devices it’s fine with two Dorico folders, maybe on Windows that has trouble. I’ve renamed the uncontrolled Dorico folder, and if so a full refresh should fix it I’d think.

Ah ha, now after unchecking and rechecking iCloud drive in settings, when it repopulates the folders Dorico is showing up, with the branding. Nice! So if you have this issue here’s how to solve it.

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