iPad 2.5.20 update changelog: iCloud fixes?

Great update on iPad and desktop. On the iPad I noticed that finger navigation is calmed down and working better - thank you! So happy about this, it was impossible to deal with so I had to do everything with the trackpad which mostly avoided the issues. The App Store says “minor fixes” but that’s being modest.

Is there a changelog available for the iPad? Searching high and low I only find one for the desktop with no mention of iPad changes. I’m wondering specifically about if anything was done with iCloud? I could experiment to find out but I’d rather not as it can mess with your files and is time consuming. Thanks!

On finger navigation, it still has a problem that at certain velocities if your finger is moving and you lift off, instead of slowing down with friction it jumps to maximum speed. Most of the time, sometimes it does other things like scroll to the corner. In particular it seems to be related to the speed at lift off. Like if your finger is going a little too fast it maxes the speed and apparently kills the friction.

I’m on the big iPad pro TB model, 12’ something I think. Which has a lot of horsepower which might be part of it. Anyhow definitely better but still room for improvement.

There are no specific functional changes in Dorico for iPad 2.5.20 besides the introduction of the click fader in the Mixer. There are some fixes related to error conditions that can occur when opening projects from iCloud Drive, but nothing significant.

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