iPad 4th and NEW Alesis ioMix

Has anyone used or heard of any successes with the Alesis ioMix? I had read way too many people with adapter issues from 30 pin to lightening connector adapters with the original ioDock . Something like a self contained interface is a big wish list item for me. Any news?

Well, FYI. I am ordering it Tuesday

No midi or USB?

Please let us know Knuckle, if it’s available and of course: How is it working with the iPad 4?

Can i send MIDI out and record Audio simultaneously with the ioMix?

Cheers, Michael

I may have skipped those in my exuberance for the xlr inputs and guitar inputs . I’m not a midi guy and feel any midi, I do in post will be thru the file upload and worked thru cubase 7. I plan on using the iPad strictly as a touch screen recorder the edit the files in the big daw as needed. I just can’t carry the big stuff around anymore

My second thought though, is wait 6 months as this stuff is so new, it changes very quickly. If I can’t get the better compromise by next spring, I’ll fall back into something like this…thanks for the reminder