Ipad Air, Apogee ONE Cubasis


Got an iPad Air with Apogee ONE this week and plan on buying Cubasis. Should I expect any issues that would make the choice of Cubasis unusable / unpleasant with this combination of devices?

Apogee say they expect no problem with ONE on iPad Air, Steinberg recommends I post here for feedback.

Thanks everyone.

you should not have any problems. as long as the interface is known to work with ios it should also work with cubasis. I have been using my presonus audiobox 22vsl with cubasis even though it’s not on their compatible hardware list, and it works great. from their list:
I think our devices fall into this category:
“CoreAudio: Cubasis supports most CoreAudio compatible (class compliant) devices”

from the apogee ONE features page:
“Compatible with any Core Audio compliant audio application”

so yeah, you should be good. have fun!

Thanks for your input, will get going with this project today.