ipad air latency problems

Is anyone using cubasis with ipad air and having latency and stuttering problems? I’m using ipad 2 and it has become totally useless. I’m curious if ipad air has the same issues.

Latency doesn’t seem to be a problem, but i am getting some stuttering or glitches on playback. Not a lot and they not recorded, bu t they’re annoying. I don’t have any project more than about eight tracks though.

I also experience some stuttering problems on an iPad 4. Try to quit all other applications. This could help.

I have an iPad 2 on ios version 6.1.3. I do get stuttering once around measure 2 or so when I first play after loading a project. It then will play fine if I stop and start again, etc. This is with several tracks, but just MIDI so far.
I did not get any stuttering before cubasis version 1.7.

On my iPad Air the CPU activity meter is always quite low, apparently it’s much faster than previous iPads.