iPad app for MIDI input

Is there an iPad app that could be used as a MIDI keyboard to input notes into Dorico on Mac?
Asking only because I lack the space for a MIDI keyboard on my desk—I know, I could build a retractible slider below it.
Any idea?
Thank you

What about the actual virtual keyboard in Dorico?

On desktop, you mean? It is only clickable, not tappable (no touch-screen on Mac).

No, I mean on the iPad. You can tap the keys.

Yes, but that doesn’t trigger music notation on the Mac.
I need an app that works as a MIDI keyboard for the Mac but that lives on the iPad. Something like a MIDI controller on the iPad. Makes sense?
This is what I wrote.

Ah, I’ve got you.

There are MIDI keyboard apps that you can use as Bluetooth MIDI keyboards for your Mac.

I can’t recommend any, as I haven’t really used them.

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