Ipad App with Cubase Pro 10 and VST connect Pro 4.0.10

I’ve just purchased the VST connect Performer App for IPad (latest version).
I use Cubase 10 (latest update) with VST connect Pro and I wanted to connect to my own studio with the iPad but I can’t.
On the iPad app, I must log in with the Studio Key. So, in cubase, I open VST connect Pro and I click on the Id button and then I have the key and the button on the side is showing « Logout ». But when I enter this key in the iPad App, I have this message : « XXXX XXXX is not logged in » with XXXX XXXX being the key I entered.
For the moment, i was not able to connect at all.
Can someone help me?

I forgot to mention Cubase is running on windows 10.
Thank you.

I can see a repeated pattern where a) registers a new code but b) attempts to connect with a code previously assigned.
So make sure that the key used for connection is the last one provided.
Also note that for a local connection (within the same network) neither end must log in, use the Local button instead.

Hi. Today I was able to connect by not being connected to the same internet network.
When my iPad was connected to my internet box in my house and my PC in the studio to another network, I was able to choose the LAN and connect.
So it seems to be a IP conflict or something…