Ipad audio playback problem (input signal is too high and distorts in the output)

Hi! When I use my ipad as a source to play audio on a Steinberg ur22c, the input signal is too high and distorts in the output. Too high signal level is visible in dspMixFxUR-C in the DAW track, respectively.
I play sound from apple music, ipad air 4. Ipad is connected to the usb-c port. Similar issue on Android device. There are no problems when playing sound from a PC on Windows 10. Thanks for the help.

As is often the case, I will answer myself.
The problem was resolved as follows: in the iPad in the settings (settings → music), I turned on the “volume correction” slider and the sound began to flow into the audio card without distortion, but a little quieter.
Apparently, without volume correction, the iPad produces a “too powerful” signal.
Thanks to everyone who helped, worried and participated in solving this difficult task. :wink: