iPad auto scroll issues

Just a datapoint that I’ve been spending a lot of time (daily) on the iPad for a number of weeks. Great platform and experience, I’m on the computer so much this allows me to use time at night to work on music.

The one trouble spot is auto-scroll, it’s honestly causing more trouble than it’s worth, I’ll go so far as to say its a serious usability problem when I look at how much time I’m just trying to do some work. Problems …

  • Tap and it jumps to the end - the problem is I’m not tapping but putting down my right thumb (landscape iPad) to move the score, but being on the edge of the score it seems to register it as a ‘tap to go to end’
  • Super Glitch. All the time it wigs out and you get it frantically flashing between different views. Don’t know what causes this but it happens all the time in many contexts
  • Gradual scroll - there’s too little inertia, it starts walking and will stop at a much slower rate then Apple uses so is jarring
  • The difference between a fast and slow scroll is too narrow, its too hard to get it right. With Apple you have to work harder to get a fast scroll (which is less used than slow scroll - typically you work in a region).
  • Random jumps to random locations. I went out of the app and came back, as soon as I touched the score it pops somewhere randomly earlier in the score. I have to hunt and navigate while fighting it to get back to where I was.
  • Switching to engrave mode and back - with doing nothing else, now it’s at a different (and weird) spot. Now it’s stuck there going back and forth.

Please either give us the option of turning it off, or just dial the sensitivity down - it’s so hyper reactive. Apple inertia is based on the idea that you don’t tend to want to move far in a document from where you are most of the time, so the inertia is heavy and you have to push it hard to go fast somewhere else.

I’m on a M1 top spec latest generation iPad - if it’s operating fine for others then the algorithm might have a hardware spec dependency.