Ipad cubasis

I need to know how can i use the ipad cubasis project on my pc cubase …?

Hi Bash,

Importing Cubasis projects with Cubase divides into two steps:

  • Export your Cubasis project via File Sharing / WiFi Server / iCloud Drive etc.
  • Import the project with Cubase via Cubasis Project Importer

All required options / steps are described in the MediaBay section of the in-app help.
Please make sure to download / install the latest available Cubasis Project Importer version: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/content_and_accessories/content_and_accessories_cubasis.html

Hope that helps.


Here is an even better workshop tutorial provided that will guide you step by step by John Walden / Music App Blog (http://www.musicappblog.com)


Transferring projects from/to iPad has been made easier with 1.9.8 and provides additional options such as iCloud Drive, external hard drive and wireless flash drive support.

Simply choose the available option that suits you best.