Ipad DAW control app wont connect with 7LE

I just recently purchased the DAW control for my ipad 3 using with cubase. Ive downloaded and installed the midi driver and everything to configure with the cubase. When I open for my sessions and my ipad is in the directory I click connect and it shows is in the participants, seems everything is configured. When I open cubase and go to devise setup there is nothing there to link it to the ipad that would say DAW control. Ive included a pic of a snapshot and my cuse will not reconize the DAW contol on ipad. On the DAW control on ipad it does not show that it has been synced with ipad. Any suggestions.


you posted in the wrong forum… this is for CUBASIS support. :wink:


Sorry I figured that this would not be the correct group, but did not know where to go on Cubase forum group to post this to get help Have had this app for several weeks, no response from developer, hoping someone her could help… If there is a support section for this kind of app please let me know …Sorry again