iPad Doesn't Recognize UR44

I just got my UR44, and I can’t seem to get it work with my iPad. I have updated the UR44 to the latest firmware. I set the UR44 to CC mode, and connected it to the iPad using the included USB cable and the Apple Lightning to USB camera connection kit. I turned on the iPad, and then turned on the UR44. The power light on the UR44 blinks, and the iPad pops up a warning that the connected device is not supported and may not be work correctly. In dspmixfx, the little USB icon in the upper right corner is blinking. And when I use GarageBand, it doesn’t recognize any external inputs.

What is going wrong?

  • Hal -

Sounds like you are doing everything right, so not sure what is wrong. I’ve never experienced that issue. But I can tell you that the light on the UR44 stops blinking and becomes fully lit once the iPad recognizes it.

Maybe try powering the UR44 before connecting it, and try connecting USB adaptor to the USB cable prior to connecting to iPad and vice versa but it sounds like something is wrong.

I’ve tried connecting and powering up devices in different orders, but the result is the same. I’ve now also tried connecting a camera and a USB card reader to the iPad, and they too give the error message that the attached device is unsupported and may not work (and sure enough, they don’t work). So I now suspect that the Apple adapter is faulty. I’m going to try recording with the UR44 on my iMac tonight to see if that setup works. Hopefully the UR44 will prove to be working correctly, and I’ll just have to exchange the adapter for a new one.

  • Hal -

I’ve had this happen using a aftermarket lightening cable … It said it was not supported and may not work and it didn’t. They were cheap cables for iPad or iPhone so I’d picked up a few spares. Had to go genuine. Works fine now.