iPad Dorico freezes when using pencil

Apple Silicon or Pencil 2nd gen., because I haven’t seen this behaviour either on my iPad Pro 2nd gen. with a Pencil 1st gen.

Wonder if it’s an M1 issue.

It’s not, using iPad mini 6 without M1, still the same

@dspreadbury freeze happens on touch certain drop-downs with apple pencil.

HW: IPad mini 6 + Apple pencil 2
SW: v5.0…20

  1. create a new project
  2. go to hamburger menu
  3. go to preferences
  4. in general, try changing language (or any other option with drop-down)
    a) when using finger touch it works correctly
    b) when using apple pencil app freezes

You might consider increasing file limit size in forum posting options to allow users send videos how to reproduce the issue


One can attach a video to YouTube or save it in Dropbox and put a link here.

Unfortunately I am still unable to reproduce this problem. I have an iPad Air 4th generation, and the steps provided here work absolutely fine for me. I don’t think we have an iPad Pro with M-series SoC anywhere within the team, but we do have an older iPad Pro. We’ve so far been unable to reproduce the problem there either, but I will ask my colleague to try again.

I have (somewhat) good news: my colleague can reproduce this issue on his non-M1 iPad Pro. We will do our very best to fix this problem before the next update.

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Pencil Gen 2 for me