iPad Expression Map and Pen input

Hi folks. I know that the iPad Pencil can’t be used to input notes (as like a mouse) yet. Is this on the list for the near future or will we have to wait longer?

Also I Wonder if there is a way to use expression maps on the iPad version. When Audio Modeling will release their ensemble strings this year I may adopt my sample modeling maps to them. If they release an iOS version I would like to use those maps on the iPad…

Here I possibly found a solution

In order to make mouse-like input work with the Apple Pencil in Dorico for iPad we need to re-implement quite a bit of the event-handling code for interacting with the music area. It’s not a small job and carries some risks of also affecting Dorico on macOS and Windows. So although it’s definitely something we plan to do, I can’t say for sure when we will get to it.

That’s a shame, but at least it will work eventually. I just can’t get used to using the iPad. Maybe I’ll give it another try. Along with the soon-to-be-released SWAM Section strings and XM Maps, this would be a great setup for on-the-go.

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