iPad - file has been deleted - not really!

I have updated to the new version Dorico for iPad.
In the Files App I select one of my Dorico projects, which I have done on my desktop computer, here it is a Schubert Lied.
I tap onto the file, Dorico opens, but I get “error opening file”. I visit the same file again, this time it opens: the project gets imported into Dorico, opens properly, but displays an Error “File has been deleted” with the option to rename the file. If I click on Rename, nothing happens. The newly imported file does not show up in the hub either. There seems to be an issue with this version of the application

[edit] if it is of any interest: the ipadOS does not display file extensions. If I go into the File App, I will find a Dorico file by its icon. Tapping onto that file gives the “Error opening file” message. If I go back to the File App again, this time the Dorico file has lost its icon and displays a small preview thumbnail. This time, tapping onto the file imports it into Dorico - with the behaviour described above. The thumbnail generation might play into this behaviour. I personally find it more difficult to spot a Dorico file - as it looks more or less the same as a .pdf file with thumbnail preview…

I have exactly the same problem.

Same here. When opening a file that is on iCloud from the hub in the Dorico app I get the error. If I open the same file from the File App by tapping on it, the Dorico app opens the file and I don’t get the error.

The file is not deleted and is always there.

Also, no matter how the file is opened it never appears in the Recently Open area.

If it helps I have opened this file from Dorico SE 4.1 on my Mac Mini as well. So this could be some kind of weird syncing bug.

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We have seen this behaviour with a couple of our testers during the Dorico for iPad 2.3 test cycle, but couldn’t (yet) figure out what the factors are in this behaviour occurring.

The good news is that the message telling you that the project has been deleted is incorrect, and it obviously shouldn’t be appearing. However, we’re not sure what is causing this incorrect message to appear: on some iPads there is an additional file notification being triggered, but as yet we cannot reproduce this at will.

We are all seeing the issue where files opened from iCloud Drive don’t appear in the Open Recent page of the Hub, and we will work to fix that as quickly as we can.

We’re sorry for the problems with file management in this version of the app. We will work diligently to resolve them as quickly as we can, but it’s a holiday weekend here in the UK so none of my colleagues are available to look into this until next week. I’ll provide an update as soon as I can.

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I thought maybe it was related to scores that were converted from 4.0 but that is not the case. I created a new score with 4.1 and when I open it from the iPad I get the error.

I have the same error consistently, at least, with a file I’m trying to open.

Still happening consistently in 2.4 for me if you need somebody with a reliable repro.