iPad: Inputting tuplets / Stop tuplet input instructions not working

Using the latest version of Dorico for iPad, and my OMOTON bluetooth keyboard I can start tuplet input, but stopping tuplet input, as described in the WebHelp does not work:

[> 1. Stop tuplet input in one of the following ways:

  • To return to inputting normal notes, press : or move the caret with the arrow keys.
  • To stop note input completely, press Esc.](Inputting tuplets).

A workaround is for me to press Shift-N to stop note input, and when I re-press Shift-N tuplet input has been cancelled.

Is it just my bluetooth keyboard, or is this a bug in Dorico for iPad?

On the desktop, the command to end tuplets entering is SHIFT+whatever key you input to start inputting tuplets (here, : and on my keyboard =) Have you tried that?

Hi @MarcLarcher ,

That works as expected in the desktop version, but it is not working in Dorico for iPad.

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I just checked and you’re right, it’s behaving as you’ve described. Pressing the 3:2 button seems to be the easiest way, but your hands are not on the keyboard anymore.

I have made a note of this and will investigate when I get a chance. The way that some key commands with modifiers are handled on iPadOS (or perhaps more specifically with the combination of the Qt framework and iPadOS) is quite different to how they’re handled on, say, macOS, which presents some challenges in ensuring that the shortcuts behave consistently on both platforms.