Ipad internal Microphone

I just downloaded the VST Performer App to my iPad 2 IOS 12.4.4. After a bit of a struggle I managed to get connected to my Cubase 10 Pro and can see video, hear the music streamed from Cubase but cannot succeed to record anything via the iPad. The software did not ask for access to the microphone and there does not seem to be any settings to change. I tried an external Microphone into the iPad jack socket which works fine to the iPad Voice memo but I see no signal in VST connect Performer. I cannot find any manual on how to setup the IOS client. Is it possible to use the internal iPad microphone or external Microphone connected via jack. What am I missing please to get sound being recorded?

Apple have changed their policies again so you will have to wait for a new version, which is in the making, sorry.

OK many thanks for the information. I will stop trying to make this work.

So Steinberg charged me for a download that does not work. Hmmm.