iPad/iPhone as reference minotor

i’m not sure is it possible :smiley:
anyway, i wanna stream audio to iphone/ipad from cubase via control room(or other tools) to use like reference monitor

And does your iphone have an external audio input…?

i guess no

If you have a NAS in your network, it is easy to set it up as a DLNA server, many modern routers also can used as media server.
Then simply do a Audio Mixdown to that NAS/Router and stream to your phone, tv, tablet.

I export an mp3, put it in dropbox and play it back on my phone using BubbleUpNP player, which can play files directly from dropbox.
But this one and all other solutions I have come up with unfortunately involve an audio export, and I think op wants direct playback from Cubase to phone.

…I read it as “reference minotaur” and was looking forward to finding out how to use one’s iPad as a mythical beast.

Disappointed. :frowning:



Vst connect, should do the trick. Need internet access. Pay for the app.
But the basic version in cubase pro, offer a stereo cue mix streaming to the app.
Should work?

I take it this is to check out how mixes are coming across on smartphone speakers? Although I dont give a dam about smartphone listerners generally its amazing the amount of clients and consumers who only listen on phone. It would be a useful app on iPhone to give a quick check when your mix relies on a big bassline!

You can use the Steinberg Studio Pass app to stream audio live from Cubase to your phone. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually done it so I can’t remember all the details. You may need to get the paid (‘Pro’) version of VST Connect.

This was definitely possible the last time I tried it anyway.

seems its a solution, but there one thing what can’t give me acces to it. THEY CANT WORK IN SAME local network :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

edit: i see, only pro version can work at lan.
edit2: can’t find the way to connect with ipad

Well I can tell you for sure that I have streamed the output of a Cubase session to an iPhone using this app so it’s definitely possible. Like I said, it was a long time ago so I can’t remember the details but I do vaguely recall that indeed you cannot be running the iPhone on the same network. It must either be on a different wireless network, or running on the mobile data network. I don’t know why this is but it’s just the way VST Connect works unfortunately.

So, with an iPad, unless you have access to a second wireless network at your location, the only thing I can think of is to tether the iPad to your mobile phone.