IPad Key Command typo?

Hello - just making my way through the iPad version and I wonder if there is a typo or wrong identifier?

In the Key Commands setting, for switching to Galley View (or Page View), the key command is listed as Control+alt+2 (or 1). When actually it is Command+Alt+2 (or 1).

I know this is a windows thing where windows Control=Mac Command. But on the iPad version, shouldn’t it say Command? Or, do we just have to follow the desktop convention and understand that Control actually means command and Meta means control? I am guessing since they share the same code base maybe this is the reason? Still, I find it a bit confusing being on the iPad

Looks like all the key commands use control for command. So, never mind.

It’s an infelicity in the Qt application framework that Dorico uses. On iOS it uses the Windows descriptions for those keys, rather than the probably more appropriate macOS ones. We’ve reported it to them, and perhaps they’ll fix it in due course.