Ipad midi recording not satisfactory

All I want to do is midi record a melody and counter melody successfully at the same time without the virtual keyboard sticking on keys. I thought this wouldn’t be a problem on a new 11" iPad pro 3rd generation.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to reduce CPU overload. Close apps, turn off Wi-Fi and blu tooth and restart the iPad so it’s fresh.

So, it can’t handle recording with just two fingers without some keys staying down when pressed? Am I doing something wrong? is there a way to do this with a virtual keyboard?

I’ve just tried this out myself on my iPad Air, which is perhaps a little bit too small to allow me to play two-handed with any kind of realistic music since I can only play reliably if I can fit a maximum of two octaves in the display. I found that occasionally a key did remain down in the Keyboard panel, but I was still able to tap that key again to input that note.

When we were building Dorico for iPad, though, we thought it unlikely that people would want to be playing polyphonic music using the on-screen keyboard, since the ergonomics of it are so different to a real keyboard. Kudos to you if you can play two-handed on a virtual keyboard with no tactile feedback more reliably than me!

I suppose that answer means no, it’s not going to work right. My problem is the sticking notes also record on score. BTW, I use two pencil sized pens not two fingers and achieve 3 octaves on screen.

Ah, it never occurred to me to use two styluses (styli?). You must have developed a quite unique technique for “playing” with two pencils.

It’s much easier than 4 mallet marimba playing

(1) Until Dawn - Marimba Solo By Arnor Chu - YouTube

My Ipad 1 year subscription expires Aug 3rd and I decided not to renew. Single notes sometimes even get stuck.

There was no sense in keeping the Ipad version, since I end up using the midi of another program on my Ipad and sending that to my laptop version. If it ever gets possible to use it, I’ll renew.

I don’t need much from a virtual keyboard, but I need more than that to make it useful.