iPad OS / Sidecar


I was wondering if anybody is using the new sidecar functionality with the new iPad OS? Can you use for example the iPad as a (MIDI) keyboard to enter notes? Any experiences?


Just wondering, I don’t think you need Sidecar for that, wouldn’t be more useful to just use a MIDI keyboard app?

Of course, this would be an option too. I was just wondering if anybody is using/has tested sidecar with Dorico.

Just a reminder that even though Dorico 3.0.10 is “qualified” for Catalina, Catalina’s still not recommended (see the relevant pinned thread).

My MBP is too old to support Sidecar, so I’ve been using the third-party Duet software that does the same thing. It works well turning the iPad into a 2nd monitor.
MIDI Keyboards via Bluetooth have been supported on iOS for some time, but I’ve been unable to actually make it work.

I’ve been using Duet also for quite a long time, although in Sierra it has some quirks (for instance, MS Word documents are unreadable). The development team of Duet recommended me to upgrade to Mojave, which I’m going to do shortly. However, I think my iPad is too small to use it efficiently as a 2nd monitor.

I have tried the side car, it actually works kind of ok! With an apple pen as a mouse and the external keyboard you really get a feeling what it would be like to use dorico in iPad! You can pretty much do all normal stuff, just a bit slower perhaps. If side car had a portrait mode, it would be way more useful, but I only managed to have it work in landscape mode.

I have also tried duet but I couldn’t make it work properly.

I have Mac Book pro running catalina and Ipad pro 13 inch, second generation

I use Duet together with Dorico 3.x on a Macbook Pro 15’ (Mid 2015) running Mojave (10.14.6) and an iPad Pro 12,9’ in Portrait-Mode.
Although in this mode the rendering seems not to be fully “HiDPI”, it works.
You have to take care of setting things up in the right order, though. Otherwise the display can get “messed up”.
By the way: Currently (Nov,1st) Duet is available with a 50% discount…

Hi, Sorry for being late here. I tried this evenings to use the tablet to sequence a virus synth ;.With step sequencer and also with the Cubase harp midi insert. The work flow is not easy though. Still need to use the laptop very often. I would be curious to know if someone finally managed to use this smoothly and effectively.

@Franckie5 Are you looking for the Cubase forum, perhaps? This is the Dorico forum.

I put all the Dorico Options windows on SideCar on my iPad Pro. It’s great!

Hovering over the green gumdrop window-expand icon pulls up a menu that lets me send it to SideCar and, similarly with windows open on SideCar, hovering over the gumdrop let’s me move it back to the main screen.