iPad Pro 2nd generation + UR22C, headphones issue

Hi! The issue I am about to describe occurred with both Cubasis LE 3 and GarageBand. I have a microphone and headphones going through my interface, and the interface connected to the iPad and its own power adapter.

iPad Pro second generation
OS 17.3.1

Authentic Apple USB adapter allowing simultaneous connection to audio interface and charging of the iPad (“camera adapter”)

5V power adapter

Byerdynamic headphones

Rode microphone

The issue:
When I connect the headphones through the audio interface, I can’t hear any sound through the headphones, and the iPad volume indicator is greyed out.

When I connect the headphones to the iPad’s headphone jack, it works. I can hear sound captured by the microphone.

I suspect the solution will come from the iPad because everything else seems right, including the connections and levels.

I prefer to run the headphones through the audio interface. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve experienced similar issues with my iPad (9th/17.4), controlling the audio sources and destinations is a mess. Relating to just headphones if you press the headphone knob in dspMixFx /Main channel it can’t be unselected, at least I can’t. Sometimes if you can’t hear anything from the speakers and don’t know the reason connecting your headphones to iPad starts sound coming from the speakers. Go figure.

Thank you for your reply.

Your “Go figure” was helpful! I decided to…go and figure out a few things based on instinct, while respecting the safety guidelines from the manuals. Happy to say, it’s now working as I hoped, and I’m happy with the result. The problem is that I don’t know what I did.

If anyone else runs into problems with no sound coming out of headphones when connected to an iPad (and everything else is in place as recommended), I’d say, experiment, plug things in and out a few times (follow safety recommendations), close apps and programs, and try it again. One thing to clarify is that I managed to make it work with GarageBand, not Cubasis. I suspect that GarageBand is more intuitive and compatible as a native iPad app than Cubasis.