Ipad Pro 2nd generation won't connect to UR22C

I can’t activate my Cubasis LE because the connection between my Ipad Pro and my UR22C doesn’t work and the USB light go on to flashing.
I connected the UR22C interface with a Power Adapter by Xiaomi with Output of 5V and 2A, then I connected using lightning-USB3 cable my Ipad Pro and UR22C.
Results: the USB, on UR22C panel, continues to flashing and Cubasis LE, on my IpadPro, is on DEMO mode yet.

Please help!!

probably a cable issue - try another one.

The cable is new!

This is due to the still non-compatibility with IOS 14. I have the same problem with my Ipad8.
I contacted Steinberg … we have to wait for them to develop the firmware to make the UR22C compatible.
Patience is undoubtedly a quality.
Cordially, Pascal