iPad Pro (Gen 1) recording latency

I purchased Cubase 3 for iPad and also a Steinberg UR44C audio interface. When using my iPad Pro (Gen 1) I have a .5 second delay (latency) between playing a music track, and recording a vocal track. When I try the same setup with another iPad (gen 6) or my iPhone (7 Plus), I have NO delay (latency). All three devices are running the latest 15.3.1 software. Any ideas why my iPad pro Gen 1 has this latency ?

Hi @Stephen_Bailey,

Thanks for your message.

Please check the following steps:
(1) Load the “New Project” project template.
(2) Close all running apps, including Cubasis
(3) Fully shut down the iPad

Does recording working as expected once relaunching the iPad and the app?

If the problem persists, please compare the audio settings with your other devices in use (to see if there are differences leading to the latency issue).

Please let me know if this helps!

& stay safe,

Hi Lars,

I have tried loading “New Project”, checking the settings between all three of my devices. I have even set the iPad Pro to factory settings and only loaded the Cubase 3 and UR44C interface programs. I can get the iPad Pro to show a total latency of only 5ms, but when you monitor the input, there is this huge .5 second latency. ONLY with the iPad Pro, not the smaller iPad (Gen 6) or the iPhone 7 Plus.

I have a feeling that the problem may be the age of the iPad Pro, since it is a Generation 1 unit from 2015.

Hi @Stephen_Bailey,

Thanks for your message.

but when you monitor the input, there is this huge .5 second latency.

Is it correct that you experience the iPad Pro Gen 1 latency issue only when using the monitoring feature of the app?