iPad Pro

Will there be an update to increase the viewable area for the iPad Pro ?
At the moment the app just scales the display.

We are going to test several options with the iPad Pro. It will take some time but be sure that we aim to offer the best experience on the iPad Pro as well.

Many thanks

Cool and looking forward to it.


Well that’s clinched it, must now buy the iPad pro:)

Good to know. Will take some time for sure also for the rest to follow up. Looking forward to the solutions to take advantage of the Pro screen and resolution.

How are people liking Cubasus with the iPad Pro at this early stage? Since it looks just scaled up, is it at least easier to edit midi notes or other similar gestures that are difficult otherwise on smaller iPads?

I love the iPad pro with cubasis, of course I can’t wait for Steinberg to use all the new screen real estate…

The new screen real estate has been greatly used on some other apps which I found to be real desktop class such as this photoshop clone called “ArtStudio”

Absolutely incredible so I’m sure Steinberg will probably use the new iPad pro screen and processing power… The screen piano is amazing…

Steinberg hurry up! I can’t wait!

What exactly does that look like? Can you post a screen shot?

Unable to post a screen grab at the moment (had to give it back), but it looks exactly like my iPad Air.
So, the fine control promised by the pencil is moot, the extra horsepower was very welcome, everything is very ‘snappy’.

The display needs to be optimised for the Pro and audio units need to be implemented.
I need a professional solution, not a stick that pokes me towards the desktop.
Before I ‘invest’ in the plugins packs etc, I need to know that the platform and the app is being developed for professionals who do not use Windows/OSX.

Thanks - I settled on an Air2 upgrade instead as the reviews for the Pro were lukewarm and the price point wasn’t justified. I figured your original statement of the display being scaled just meant a letter-boxed look with lots of wasted space.