IPad remote recording apps working on Mac?

Hello all-

Has anyone gotten AC-7 to work with C6 on Snow Leopard? I can connect and play and record remotely, but the record buttons and play buttons don’t stay lit. The same thing is happening on DAW Remote HD. Both use the Mackie protocol for their Cubase front end.

i use ac-7 ill check it out.

Don’t use AC-7 but DAW Remote HD working and displaying fine here on C6/Snow Leopard.

Thanks- so you press the record button, and it stays red? When recording channel 1 audio, the track remains armed? You see the green play arrow stay on while your transport is moving? The thing that drives me crazy is that both ARE connecting for me, but the transport buttons seem to act as momentary controls!

Also, is anyone using v-control pro? That one uses a HUI emulation, wonder if that’s more stable…?

How many times…?

The thread you referenced had little to do with my specific problems. Others report the same on the Saitara forum, and the company is unresponsive.

Mr thinking cap, please simply ignore any of my future posts. You seem unable to give a response to anyone that is anything short of unpleasant. I’ll figure things out without your input. Thanks.

Yes, I’m getting proper response including the red record light staying lit and the tracks remaining armed when selected. The green play button similarly responds to commands. Not sure what’s happening on your end and unfortunately I’m only using the DAW HD. I suggest contacting the author of the app as I have had good luck when directly reaching out for help…less trolling too :wink:

Interesting. could you give me your system specs, please? Also, are you running through a router?

Hello NYC composer

I notice you are on 6.02 - is that accurate. I ask as i just have started using an ipad 2 w the lite version of V-control on C 6.50 but it was glitchy. solo and mute buttons not working correctly, nor was the transport. I had intending on upgrading cubase before testing out the v control and decided to do the upgrade as part of my day - from that point v- control lite has been solid. not sure if it is at all related to your situation but that was how my day went.


BTW I’m on 10.6.8 , c6.53 and ios 6 on Ipad2

Sure, Cubase 6.5 on 10.6.8 MBP i7/8GB running in 64-bit. iPad3 on iOS 1.05-Cydia through an older Linksys router with Mac ID’ing plus encryption, etc. I’ve got a few gripes with DAW HD but nothing related to basic functionality and connectivity.

Hope you get it solved…

Really interesting. I wonder if a 6.53 upgrade would do the trick. I’m also on the previous version of iOS on an iPad 2.

Hmmm. So many troubleshooting options, so little time.: ) Thanks for the help, guys.