iPad requires landscape for transport controls (rewind, play, record)

Device: iPad (6th generation)
Model: MR7J2LL/A
OS: iPadOS 14.8 (18H17)

Dorico For iPad rev:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place iPad into landscape mode to prevent issue initially
  2. Create New
  3. Solo Piano (default selections fine, not important), touch “Create project”
  4. In landscape notice at top right of mid center is a |< (rewind) > (play) O (record) Metronome icon then the tempo.
  5. Place device into portrait mode. All above controls go away. I see no control available to “get to” the items that were removed other than changing screen orientation.

Expected results: Items would be somehow touch available in both portrait or landscape even if it takes adding one menu layer to get to the items that would not fit.


I saw the same behavior with slur/articulation icons in the piano-key-graphical note entry method at the bottom between landscape/portrait where the slur/articulations would “go away”. I chose to “slide” the screen in this area and notice the items can be found by sliding right/left. However, I still feel there are missing visual clues that one can find other items by dragging. Tried this in the transport control area and saw this was the solution there. In the top of the screen (play,etc) - the space is compressed so it’s more difficult to get the items to display on the screen even with sliding. Part of the problem is the "fade"effect at the left and right edges of the icons that can be slid when the “slid” menu is neither in the left-most or right-most position of its travel. The fade itself causes issues further minimizing the useful space for icons.

Modified expected result:

  1. GUI is clear when off-screen controls are available and how one would access them
  2. Preference that related off-screen controls could be floated or somehow managed differently to allow for more controls to be optionally shown at once while display is in the portrait orientation.

We have definitely optimised the Dorico for iPad interface for landscape orientation, and at the moment it is not completely satisfactory when running in portrait orientation, as you have found. We do plan to work on this further in future updates, to provide different arrangements for key parts of the user interface when working in the other orientation.