IPad: Shortcut for Reset Sounds?

On the iPad my Korg u-key BT keyboard often causes stuck notes in Dorico, which I have to go to the menu to “Reset Sounds”. It would be handy to have a shortcut for that, but looking in the Key Commands preferences I don’t see the option. Dorico team it would be a nice help to hookup the key dispatch for resetting the sound engine.

Unless somebody knows a workaround, I can’t think of any.

“Reset Sounds” on the iPad version is actually a shortcut for re-applying the default playback template. I think you should find that starting and stopping playback is sufficient to halt any stuck notes.

Yeah no unfortunately that’s not resetting the playback fully. On other keyboards I not infrequently get a stuck note, and either hitting the note again will turn it off, or doing the playback trick as you said. Oddly on the iPad, just with the Korg Microkey I get notes that stay stuck, and hitting play will play over it. Happened a number of times yesterday and only fixed by Reset Sounds.

I’ll test it more today to see if anything is different, yesterday when I got this was the first time I’m significantly using this keyboard, and was after an iPad reboot as the iOS BT was getting cranky. This keyboard has these tiny keys and it’s too easy to get double hits and all sorts of other malfeasance, so I think the only reason I’m seeing it more is that it’s hard to play the keyboard properly - it’s only good for note entry, my instincts are to play normally which gets lots of double and overlapping notes.