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I am currently composing a piano piece on my computer (with Dorico Pro 4.2) and once in a while check my composition by airdropping the project via PDF to my iPad and playing it on the piano. Is it at all possible (or will be possible in the future) to work on my computer and access the file, live, on my iPad using Dorico for iPad? This will save a tons of time and work on my side.

You can save the file to a cloud file-server, like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, MS OneDrive, etc, and then access it on both devices easily enough.

Having the same file open on two different computers (of any kind) is a bad idea. However, if you make changes to the project on your desktop while the file is open on your iPad, Dorico (on the iPad) will present an alert saying “The file has been modified”, and give you options to update the iPad.


And Vice versa.

Also, Dorico for iPad contains a „read“ mode, where you can see the music as if it was a PDF.

It is of course possible to open a Dorico file on a web share or on a NAS on your own network.
My experience with this is not good.
Dorico-for-iPad has autosave and this ensures that every (unintended) change overwrites the original file.
With the earlier versions of Dorico-for-iPad this happened locally on the iPad and you had a second version locally on the iPad. Unnecessary, but no disaster.
With the recent version of Dorico-for-iPad the file is opened on the Share (open in place) and you run the risk of unintentionally changing your original file.
If you don’t want this you have to make a second version.

Groet, Marien

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