iPad Synth as a standalone external device for Cubase using both MIDI and Audio over USB C cable?

I’m using Cubase Pro 8.5 on a Macbook Pro 2012 (Mojave 10.14.6) connected to a MOTU UltraLite mk3 sound card as my primary sound card. Normally ins and outs all go through the MOTU ULtraLite.

Is it possible to have it so that an app running on the iPad (like AudioKit Synth One) can act as a standalone device which receives/transmits midi and also sends its audio back into cubase for recording in real time? (a bit like a Virus TI)

I have connected the iPad Pro 11" (iOS 12.4.1) to the macbook through standard USB C cable, Then within macOS, I ran “Audio MIDI Setup” app > click “Enable” against my iPad. That’s looking good, except it says “2 ins/0 outs”. I would hope expected iPad would have some “outs” to send audio back across the USB to a Cubase input? Is there somewhere to activate this?

When I then go into macOS System Preferences > Input Tab > iPad, and open up “AudioKit Synth One” (as an example) on my iPad and press a few iPad keys, I CAN actually see a signal on the input meter in MacOS Sound prefs. So that looks promising.

In fact at this point i can create a midi track in Cubase, specify the output as ‘iPad’, click keys in the Cubase piano roll, and the SYnth one is receiving MIDI signal! BUT… still no audio heard ANYWWHERE!

When it comes back to Cubase, I go to “Device Setup” and VST Audio System, and it seeminly only lets me set ONE and only ONE “ASIO Driver” (which naturally I have set to my MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid). Am I missing something? Is there a way I can have the audio generated from my iPad Synth One to travel over the USB into an input in Cubase that can be heard/recorded in real time?

Any help would be much appreciated. What am I missing here? Can this be done?

I’m assuming one option may be to get a USB dongle for the iPad that splits into MIDI and Audio adapters? But I would have thought everything all over USB would be ideal if it’s possible. Please let me know what my options are her.

Hi @Manachi
I have been trying to connect my ipad to my Windows 10 computer running Cubase Elements and I finally managed to do it, so my ipad is used as a midi input (using Grooveagent in Cubase on the laptop and the app “Controller” on the ipad). They are connected via Bluetooth using the program “rptMidi”; I had to install Bonjour because I’m using a Windows laptop, but i managed to get it to work. Finally I can use the drumpad and keyboard on the ipad as a Midi input for Cubase!

Hope that helps.