Ipad - UR22C - Expander Roland SC-880 GM/GS message don't work fine

Hi all, I just installed cubasis LE 3.5.1 on my iPad pro 12.9 IV gen. with Ios 16.4
It was supplied to me with the purchase of an UR22C interface. I connected a Roland SC-880 Expander via midi to the output of the UR22C. While with cubase 12 automatically the tracks are sent via GS/GM assigning the right instruments, with Cubasis LE 3.5.1 I can’t get the right instruments at all. Can you tell me how to configure the program to have the GM/GS codes sent out on the steinberg by default? Thank you

Hi @ettore.mele,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

The Key Editor in Cubasis includes a MIDI CC editor, wich supports program changes alongside other MIDI CC parameters. Please find out more in the Key Editor chapter of the Cubasis help

Does this help to resolve your problem?