Im considering a complete upgrade from CS4 to C6 na im considering using the remote app for iphone when i purchase an Ipad has anyone used the app on an ipad and furthermore has anyone found any creative uses for the Ipad integration witha Cubase based DAW

if you just buy the ipad for control buy a touch monitor ! half price & 23’ lcd ! & you really touch the fader you want you not touching another fader for controllling another fader !
but ipad is great look what spectrasonics does with it !
i buy a 23’ lcd touch screen for 200 euro & made a “control surface” for my mix & plugs ! :sunglasses:

touch monitor ! half price & 23’ lcd

This sounds interesting… can you give details on make and model? Is it plug and play? Is it wireless?



i own acer t231h 23’ hd (1920x1080) plug it to your video card (vga/dvi/hdmi) & plug the usb for multitouch (2 fingers)
i made a “control like” of cubase mix & plugs i put resolution to 1024x760 (yes big but easyer with finger !) !
i have ten channel of mix in the same view (against 8 for all controller) ! & control plugins too !! :sunglasses:

The new Dell ST2220T is an IPS screen with Full HD display of 1920x1080 and the fold-out stand can be moved right back so it can be laid almost horizontal. The IPS screen means that it doesn’t lose colour or do other strange things at such low viewing angles. The touch is by optical, just like all the low cost ones. The monitor only cost sa little more than the inferior, non-IPS model it replaced.

Mind you, Cubase still has a few finger-unfriendly controls, like the metronome and switching in the Control Room Overview, as the minimum touch area needs to be 7mm in diameter for most touch screens.

The touch makes it easy to experiment with the graphical equaliser display.

Of course, with touch there is no such thing as ‘hovering’ so tooltips are no help.

Win 7 only allows one touch screen and it must be the primary display. I now make it so that I can use it with all my displays or switch off all the 30" ones and use it solo, to avoid 500W of face heating.