For the iPad users here, is 128Gb adequate, given the apps that we audio professionals need?

Should be enough, although for real pro level recording DAW stuff, go for a real stable desktop/ laptop… tablets are good nowadays and Cubasis is impressive, but I still miss much stuff that CB8 has on my main DAW… I use the tablet for quick sketches and drop down ideas when on the road. On the other hand, for recording etc, with a proper mic an iPad should be good to start with. There are of course better field recorders, but quality is certainly at a good level, also latency wise etc.

My 2 cts…

Thanx, for the response!

I agree with you, that the iPad will not be the choice for working with the main DAW. Sketches, field work and teaching will be the focus. I have the UR-44 and an AKG C414, so far. I’ll be adding mics as I go along, and as projects demand.

In the mean time, I went with the 128Gb iPad Pro.

Thanx, again!

Congratulations on the new iPad! I thought it was really Nifty that I could plug a USB interface into mine to do field recording. I have Cubasis as well. That’s a Nifty little program too! :slight_smile: