iPad version not opening files

Is there a size limit on Dorico files to be opened on an iPad? I keep getting an error message saying the file cannot be opened…… why is thar

If you have a sufficiently large project that it would cause Dorico to exceed the single process memory limit on iPadOS, then Dorico will crash while trying to open the project. It can’t know ahead of time whether it will be able to open the project without exceeding the memory limit, unfortunately, so it’s not possible for Dorico to warn you that the project can’t be opened.

Good afternoon… the information box simply reads "Error opening file”. Is that the same thing? Project size is 2.9 MB and it doesn’t even appear to try to open it…

Where is the file located? Is it located in iCloud Drive, or in another cloud-enabled location? If it’s in a cloud-enabled location, make sure the project has been downloaded to your device before you try to open it.