iPad vs desktop version mismatch?

Hopefully this is a simple question. Both my desktop and iPad are running the latest version of Dorico however, after swapping from working on a piece on the iPad to my desktop I get a warning that the file was created in a newer version (iPad is newer than desktop?)
Am I missing an update somewhere or is this expected behaviour at the moment?

My iPad and desktop versions (Mac and PC) all exhibit the same behaviour. They’re all the latest version. I shouldn’t worry about it.

This is expected behaviour. You can turn off the warning in application Preferences.

If you’re running the version of Dorico for iPad from TestFlight, then it does indeed have a slightly later project file version than the current desktop version, because it’s an in-development version with additional functionality compared to Dorico 4.2 for macOS and Windows. It’s nothing to worry about. When the next desktop update for Dorico is released, and the next Dorico for iPad release appears in the App Store, they’ll both be in sync once more.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks, I’m not running TestFlight so I’m not sure why I’m getting the message.

Thanks for your input :grin:

Are you definitely running Dorico 4.2 on your desktop?

I had thesame message with the latest versions on iPad and Mac

I do not see that this is expected behavior, and switching off warnings is generally not a good idea.
It may be that this does not cause any problems, but it is clear that this raises questions.
What I find worse is that even only opening a file on the iPad (without editing or saving it) gives the same warning.
Dorico-for-iPad therefore overwrites unsolicited files and despite the fact that Daniel Spreadbury indicates that I don’t have to worry about this, I don’t like this.

See: Weird message when opening file

Groet, Marien

If the Product Manager for Dorico tells you it’s nothing to worry about, it’s nothing to worry about.

(Daniel is the Product Manager for Dorico.)


I am, but I’m happy with your reassurance :+1:t2:
I’ve stopped worrying about it :grin:

I’m sorry but in this instance it’s not a Dorico issuer per’se, it’s a how an iPad handles files issue. If you make no changes then it will be nothing more than last edit/version metadata that is updated.

The warning that you get suggests more than just a change in metadata. Moreover, it is important for my workflow to know when a file is edited and saved and only opening in Dorico-for-iPad changes that.

Groet, Marien