iPad with Cubase

Hello here!! I’m working on an album by myself and I would like to control the on and off record button on an iPad, is it possible to sync my iPad to my computer? Thanks a lot !

Hi there is an app called “Cubase IC remote” in the app store, I forget the cost but it works on iPad and iPhone, I have it installed on both and it makes for a really useful tool.
I can use my phone to arm a track and record while plugged into my amp on the other side of the room, or laying vocals etc.

The larger screen size of the iPad makes it possible to use all sorts of customizable shortcuts as well. I highly recommend it.

Be advised that if the computer you’re running Cubase on is a PC you’ll also need to install Apple Bonjour as well as installing the SKI remote software.

A fair number of us use Metagrid which basically lets you create custom sets of buttons that execute Cubase Commands. Macros, and LE/PLE Presets.