iPad's backup contains too little data?

Hi there,
been working with Cubase since the early 2000s but I’m quite new to the iPad and Cubasis.

After working with Cubasis (and other Apps) for quite a while I thought it would be a good idea to backup my iPad’s contents every now and then. I’ve learned that iTunes gives me the opportunity to do so. Throwing the iCloud solution away soon (come on, Apple - 5GB free storage is a JOKE!! :nerd: ) I wanted to switch to the manual backup process that saves the iPad’s data to my PC’s HD. After the backup process I wanted to check if everything has worked out well. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to recognise single files for they are in a complete different data format - but I was a bit surprised when I saw that the backup folder on my PC just contained about 4.6 GB while iTunes told me that the documents and data section on my iPad is about 15.5 GB.

Can someone tell me what’s wrong here, please? :unamused:

And how can I be sure to have all my data backed up on my HD?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi AxeMan,

While Cubasis supports various ways to backup files, iTunes File Sharing belongs to one of the simplest methods to do the task.

Here is a short description how to run backups via iTunes File Sharing:

  • Connect your iPad to your computer with the USB cable
  • Open iTunes and select your iPad in the DEVICES category
  • Click the Apps tab and choose Cubasis from the list of apps
  • To save a folder to your computer, select it and hit the Save to button
  • Alternatively, drag and drop the folder to your desktop or local browser

Once completed, you might compare the saved files to the files located in the Media section of Cubasis.

To learn more about the available export options please have a look at the MediaBay chapter of the Cubasis in-ap help.

Hope that helps.