iPhone 4 App to control Cubase?

Any good ones besides the very basic Steinberg iPhone app? Unfortunately I don’t have an iPad.


Besides the one Steinberg gives for free.


AC-7CoreMini is nice…

Same as apps for iPad. As I wrote, all of them are not as god as hardware controller.

Actually several of the controller Apps are JUST for iPad.

Agree, but the use of it is same non-ergonomic, as using of iPad. I wrote my opinion here.

Now we know Martin, thanks. Ever occured to you some people find hardwarecontrollers non-ergonomic for various reasons ? Is possible, you know…(you cannot carry them around is one thing for example) And this guy is NOT looking for a serious hardwarecontroller, probably just remotecontrol of some basic functions. It’s for his Iphone, if you have ever seen one you would know how much control fits on the screen…

And Robert, you can use touchosc, and build your own controller. It’s cheap, and easy if you understand the generic remote of cubase, and works great (if you don’t mind looking at your phone this is… :unamused: )


Tomorrow, I found FullControl App. It’s not like DAW controller, this is more like Remote controller of computer. But if you are interested in, you can try it. Lite version is free. Looks quite handy.