Iphone video recording. Audio issue

Hi all
I’m having issues with a newly purchased ur22 mk2 connected to my iPhone with the intent of recording video and corresponding audio from my mixer to the ur22.

Sound of the recording is super compressed and distorted. Upgrading firmware did not help.

Seems to work ok, with my android phone. On android there were alot of clicks and pops until I upgraded the firmware. Now it’s 75% ok. IPhone is still a problem tho.

well issue seems to be resolved on the iphone. when i tested it, the iphone’s battery was down to 17%. I tested again after iphone was fully charged, and no issues. iphone must ber going into some battery save mode or something.

What a fantastic audio interface this is. not sure how steinberg released this at this pricepoint.

I bought a roland go:mixer and returned it the very next day because of the horribly cheap plastic build and even worse sound quality. the ur22 is just on a completely different level in terms of sound quality and hardware.