ircam solo instruments


I am in the middle of my 30 days Dorico free trial.

If I buy Dorico will it work with the ircam solo instruments ?
Is there any guide or documentation about how to get them to work together ?



check out this video:
basically you need to add the UVI player in Dorico’s whitelist, it should work fine
the tricky thing is how to assign different sounds to specific notation, I have no idea how to do that
good luck

Expression Maps.

thanks Mark!
Peter, let us know how the ircam solo instruments are working with Dorico!

Only a small percentage of the Ircam solo instruments’ huge number of non standard articulations are controllable by Expression maps (key switching), and since we cannot (yet) define our own playing techniques in Dorico (including the inability to switch between midi channels) this kind of excersice will be a lot more fun in Cubase … :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who replied.

I managed to get ircam-solo-instruments into the whitelist as advised above, and have managed to get some sounds playing back.
but I get the impression that at the moment I will need to split the music into lots of staves, each of which plays back a different technique.
I cannot yet see how to switch articulations during the playback.

I don’t have Cubase, so that is not an option.

From my trial of Dorico so far there are many things about it that I think are very good. I will probably buy it
at the next upgrade and then explore these issues further.