IRig/ Amplitube


First of all loving Cubasis, a great App.

I recently purchased Irig and Amplitube to use with it but I cant figure out how to go about this? Has anyone else
managed to use the two together so that you can record in Cubasis using Irig and Amplitube?

Many thanks.

Dave you’ll need to be a little clearer on what your issue is?

It’s easy yo use the iRig cable with Cubasis. Just connect it as you would to use Amplitube. Run Cubasis. Insert an Audio track. Arm it and press the speaker icon beside the arm button to monitor what you are recording and your good to go as soon as you press record. Audio input in the inspector is set to mono input. You might also want to put the Amp Sim on as an insert effect.

If your asking how to record Amplitube directly into Cubasis you’re in for a disappointment as its not curently possible.

You can however run a loop you want to record over in Cubasis in the background by switching background audio on. I haven’t tried with Amplitube but most of the other guitar apps will happily run in the foreground and let you record to their own in app recorder. This can then be copied and pasted using Audio Copy Paste into Cubasis but you’ll have to aline it manually.

Hope this helps?

Ah right thanks for the quick reply, yes it was using Amplitube within Cubasis that I was trying to achieve. Do you think this is ever likely to be a function or is this beyond Cubasis capabilities?

So far i’ve been borrowing my wife’s ipad to play in amplitube and audio out to audio in on my iPad. I also use my iPhone.

Hard way is too play your backing tracks on another audio device while recording guitar part in amplitube and then audio copy/paste or export audio file and import. A real pain either way.

I long for the day when audiobus is a built in feature to all apps.

Btw, i have several apps and devices from IK Multimedia but I have to say they are behind the times when it comes to playing nice with others (apps and devices).

Audiobus is the solution that you’re looking for but unfortunately it looks as if Amplitube will be very late arriving at party if it makes it there at all and whilst Cubasis will we don’t know when.

I use a Behringer UCA222 attached to my iPad to record guitar apps on my iPhone when I have to. I’d still prefer to use Audiobus but it is a work around in the meantime.

I’m using Sonoma’s Guitar Jack 2 and Ampkit+. Great sound but same issue with recording to Cubasis. Been copying a beat from Cubasis into Ampkit to playback and record in time. Ampkit supports dry, no effects applied, recording along with recording the wet signal so it can re-amp. It’s Audio copy/paste for awhile for me.