Iro: Track Color Pack for Cubase

Wow, the response on this is impressive. I am glad you find it useful. Thanks for all the nice comments.

Thank you SteveInChicago for the mac info!

Thank you for the colours , much appreciated :wink:

Thank you Seyoum, great piece of work, will be used alot! :smiley:

I was just going to post this which I got from the Advanced Cubase Users Facebook page…you beat me to it, lol!

Now, if we can only do this having FULL MixConsole color tracks, as well…!

You can add more colors to this new color scheme. At least I was able to.
I like to use the color white for tracks that are only feeding side chains.
Scroll all the way down to the bottom and use “select colors”
Everything you need is in there. (Seriously)

Hi Rotund,

Somehow I´m not able to with the new scheme. I can´t change/add/etc. anything. There is no “select colors” or “options” here with me. Strange… But hey, good for you!

Oh well, at least I know how to add colors the way Steinberg thought of it. Now I have all the colors I want, which is great!

Only this doesn´t work for the one project I experimented on with this new scheme. That´s stuck in there and I can´t seem to change it. :laughing:

You must be doing something wrong as it works perfect here , you just have to click al the way down through the preset colours and it comes up with an option box at the bottom . Works fine here on win7 64

Oh I probably am, but again (and this time see the picture): that´s I get all and like I said, default doesn´t do a thing.

But it´s no big deal, I got what I want.

So it´s OK…, OK…, OK…, OK…, OK…, OK… (ping pong delay at 124 BPM :wink: )

Oh I probably am, but again (and this time see the picture):

Your picture only shows the top of the colour list…the menu you want is at the bottom of the list.

Hahaha! I was scrolling and nothing happened. I feel a bit daft now.

Ahaaa, so you can also click on a mouse. That explains why I never got beyond that Windows landscape on my PC after turning it on.

Great work, will use on next project. :smiley: :smiley:

thanks so much!!! Great post

Makes a nice change from all the moaning and ranting to find something helpful and useful on his forum.
Thank you very much seyoum.


Thank you so much for all the work involved and for making this available to Cubase users.

The CPR file available from your website works great. Very easy to get the colors in place as defaults.

Great Stuff !!! :bulb:

Thank you for this !! :astonished:


BTW I like your stereodose mix ! :mrgreen:

Hi Sayoun

EXCELLENT job Thank you Thank you :smiley:

Best Regards


Iro’s “Track Color Pack for Cubase” works flawlessly. It is also possible - like before - to add more colors to the palette, as has been discussed.

However, I wonder if anyone know what the color-codes in the xml-file mean, and how they relate to Hex- or RGB-values.

For example: Iro’s color “Red 1” has the value 4278190080. I took a screen-shot and checked it in Photoshop, which says that the Hex/RGB values are:

Hex : FF2222

R : 255
G : 34
B : 34

So, is there any method of converting Hex or RGB values to the standard used in the xml-file…?

Thanks for this, it looks really nice. I have already added 3 more sections to it:

Pink, Brown and Baby Blue. I might add more and then once I am done I could send you the blank CPR and if you want you could post the new version on your site.


Yes, many thanks for your efforts and for sharing Seyoum…! These are great - so glad you included some ‘greys’ too… :wink:

This works for new projects; how would I go about applying the colours to older/existing projects please…? (or, is that actually possible…?)

Not a problem if not…

  1. Open old song

  2. Click color menu

  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Project Colors

  4. Click Options

  5. Click -> Load Program Defaults to Current Set.

  6. Click OK.

Done. It will completely destroy your colors that you currently have so be prepared to re-choose a color for all tracks when you do this.