Irratic read of automation data for panning

I entered some panning automation data on a track and found that when the playhead passed the last piece of automation data that had value R69, it didn’t read it properly so that the actual position of the panning pot was never panned to the value R69 but varied irratically every time the playhead passed it giving a different value every time, eg. R5 or R37 etc.
It perfectly reads the previous panning data correctly, only the last data value was incorrectly read.
I did try closing the project and reopening but still experienced the issue.

I subsquently wrote with the pencil tool, more data (2 points with same value) beyond and independent of the one above, with same value R67 and that seemed to stabilise it, however if I changed the last of the 2 points to a different value, the problem recurred!

Shutting down and restarting Cubase didn’t correct the issue.
I deleted the extra end data points that shouldn’t be required and the same issue returns until I place the duplicate data at the end again, with 2 points with the same data value.
There are only 8 data points on the panning track and certainly none are like the resulting random actual panning pot positions. Very weird and scary to think I may have to enter otherwise superfluous data every time I enter automation.

Has anyone else experienced this and know whether it’s a bug or some other justified cause for Cubase to act this way please?


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Hi @Martin.Jirsak
Thanks for your prompt reply.
In the screenshot you can see that the active track in the bottom mixer view has read R54 but the last panning automation the playhead passed is data point value is R69.
Since replacating this error through several playbacks it has been closer to the correct value each time than before my previous posting eg it’s now R66,67,68 but occasionally worse eg attached shows R54 which is too different to 69 to not be an error of some sort.

Virgin territory on?
Also, what are your automation settings? I think there’s some sort of accuracy setting, right? Like how many samples worth of accuracy you have…

Would changing either of the above resolve the problem?


Once you are in the virgini territory, you can move the parameter (pan) freely. So the last automation value is R67 but you can change it at your HW or in Cubase.

Hi @MattiasNYC
Thanks for your reply.
Here are my settings including VT on (I always leave it on).

I’m not 100% familiar now as to all the settings meaning I read up on these a few years ago but I thought the settings (perhaps only reduction level) were mainly to reduce the number of data points when drawing/live automation passes) rather than accuracy on reading the last data point in a series. Please enlighten me if I’m wrong, however, that would be a strange thing to have a setting for.

I would turn off “Use Virgin Territory” to see if that changes things.

By the way - are you using a controller of any kind?

Hi again Martin,
I’m not 100% sure what you mean but let me try to reply.
If you mean, maybe I have touched my CC121 or dragged a fader by mistake to give a different parameter value to what I asked for in my automation data, for sure I haven’t.
I’m simply pressing numeric kb ‘1’ to return to left locator (before automation in timeline) then pressing space bar on my keyboard to start play and without touching anything I can see different panning values in the mixer each time it plays passed the last data point (my data point as per my screenshot above is R69).

HOWEVER! Being a new day having shut down my PC yesterday, I am testing it today and it is relaible once again, always returning a value of between R37 and R69 which seems an acceptable tolerance of mathematical error and of course not audibly noticable.

Yesterday I only shut down cubase and restarted which often sorts of quiky behaviour, but it seems I have to reboot when these things happen.

Thanks for your time gents and of course in this recurrs even after rebooting my PC, I will report back here to continue the thread.

Hi Mattias,

Thanks for your reply and suggestion. you will see from my reply to Martin above that a PC reboot settled things again. I must remember to reboot in future before spending mine and generous forum members time on these ‘temporary glitches’.

Regarding turning off VT, I must admit that I just spent about 30 minutes reading another thread which included a super explanation from yourself to help me understand VT (thank you), but I haven’t delved into how not having VT on works so I’ll avoid confusing myself if this glitch doesn’t return.
To answer your question, I use a CC121 (yes, I’m one of the lucky ones to grab a last new one a couple of years ago!) but I wasn’t using it for panning - I wrote the automation data manually with the pencil tool and didn’t touch my CC121 during the glitch happening.

Thanks again for your time!
I hope all this wasn’t wasted, in that if others experience the same glitch, best to do the old I.T. special manouvre! Turn it off and on again! :upside_down_face:

Not at all wasted time.

If the problem occurs again I would try maybe messing with the controller. I asked about that because in my brain it seemed possible that a touch sensitive pan pot could “glitch” or whatever and send out some number to Cubase, and because you’re using VT the value would be read and shown.

Glad you got it sorted though.

Good idea Mattias,
If it recurrs, I will simply unplug the controller and test again.
Then some contact cleaner spray in the pan pot (it’s a very clean environment tho).
Thanks again.