Irrational Time Signatures/Nondyadic Time Signatures

Heya folks.

I’ve been trying to create a 7/6 time signature in a piece for a couple of hours now, and I just can’t seem to get it to work. In this case, 7/6 would be 7 quarter note triplets in one bar.

I’ve tried a couple of things, 7/6, 14/12, 4/4+1/6, 4/4+2/12; but none of it is working. Whenever I have 6 as the denominator, Dorico treats it as a regular 4.

Another thing I wanted to try was having a hidden 7/4 time signature with fake tuplet brackets on regular quarter notes (for display purposes) but that turned out nothing either.

How do I get this bar of 7 quarter note triplets to work? I can figure the playback out separately, I’m mostly interested in the visual aspect for reading. Thank you kindly.

I’m not sure what kind of problem you might be experiencing, but you should certainly be able to enter 7/6 and you will end up with a time signature that allows you to input seven quarter notes; Dorico won’t indicate the tuplets, however, and at present there’s no way to specify the metric modulation that would allow you to space those notes proportionally more narrowly than “rational” quarter notes; you can do this, however, manually using a note spacing change created in Engrave mode.

Thank you kindly, Dan.