Irregular / additiv time signatures

Hi all. I am going to make a bigger engraving project in Dorico and now faced a couple of complications with “contemporary” time signatures.

The first case: I don’t really have an Idea how to do it in D. The 8th on the bottom is a triplet (besides, D puts the 3+3+2 together as 8 - is there any way to disable this automatic behavior?):
Another case a combined time signature of 2/8 + 3+3/16 The problem is: when I enter it i receive 1+1/8 + 3+3/16. Is there a way to achieve that the first 2/8 won’t be split as 1+1/8?
irregular ts.jpg

If you enter 3+3+2/8 into the meter popover, you should get exactly that meter displayed.

There’s no way at present to indicate an eighth note on the bottom.

I can’t seem to get your second request to work. I tried [1+1]/8 + 3+3/16, but Dorico keeps giving me 1+1. Sorry!

Thanks Dan,
tried all possible combinations as well, but I am afraid it will be impossible at the moment to achieve what the composer wishes. Can only imagine to stick to the option to make them as text and hide the original time signatures :frowning:

Your problems go further than that - by the looks of things you need partial tuplets, and whilst Dorico supports complete tuplets that span (cross) barlines, it doesn’t support incomplete tuplets.