irregular time signature / micro interval / customise ...

hey everyone:

contemporary composer here:

I have basiclly following questions:

  1. The finale can type the time signature like 2/8+3/4+3/16+1/8, how can I do this in Dorico?
  2. Can I type in Dorico such like 2/40, 5/20 for time signature?
    2.b. can I use different tempo parallel?
  3. How can I type micro interval? (playback possible?)
  4. How can I customize the line and symbole list to certain font I made for myself? Are there any symbole bibliothek?
    4.b. Can I change the style of slur in the future more modern instead of bridge-like?
  1. Input Mode with caret: Shift-B then type it.
  2. You can type, I think, anything you want. As of yet playback of ‘irrational’ time signatures is not implemented, but it will be.
    2b. Yes you can.

…2b. Hold down alt as you click on the time signature in the right panel. (I don’t know how to do this in the popover?)
At the moment it is not possible to have something like 9/8 against 3/4 with the barlines aligned. This is also planned.

  1. If you click the key sig button (##) in the write panel in Input Mode, the top option is tonality. Click ‘+’ and you’ll see the options. Playback doesn’t work at the moment, but it will.
  1. Depends on what you want to change?

4b. Engrave Mode: Engraving Options: Slurs

With the 1.0.20 update (available now), you can Alt-Enter confirm a popover for the same effect.

With the 1.0.20 update (available now),


you can Alt-Enter confirm a popover for the same effect.

and lovely!