Irregular vertical positioning of dynamics

Hi all, what am I missing here? I do not understand why the forte in the viola is closer to the staff than the one in the cello.

The engraving settings are like this –

Are you sure those haven’t been moved manually. Neither of those looks like 2 spaces away from the stave. By the way, those top two numbers shouldn’t be the same value. IIRC the top one should be half a space greater than the second one, or your hairpins and textual dynamics won’t align correctly.

Often when I post a question, I find the solution myself right after…
The orange arrow in the engraving settings points to the middle of the forte, not to the top. So I will have to increase the spacing a bit, which is a pity, because I like the positioning of the pianos.

In answer to the original question, then, is there a value that determine the minimum distance between the top of the dynamic and other objects? If so, that value is probably taking precedence, and, well, the cello note’s further down the staff than the viola note.

(Sorry, I’m away from my desk!)

No, not moved manually.
Aha! I will change the top number then!
Thanks Leo.

Yes, that is exactly what is happening. But it also must be that the 2 sp distance is measured from the middle of the f, not from the top.