Is 10.5 Pro Still Available?

I was about to upgrade from Artist 10.5 to Pro 10.5 when 11 was released. I’d have been happy completing the learning curve from one version to the other, but the 10.5 Pro upgrade from Artist doesn’t seem to be available now that 11 has been released. Have I missed the bus?

If you want to buy from the Steinberg online shop - quite obviously.

I didn’t see it offered either … only 11

If you buy the 11 upgrade you can still run the 10.5 version. You can run any lower version, if you wish so. Just download and install it. Your 11 license cover it.

But there’s no learning curve to talk about for going 10.5 to 11. You don’t have to use everything that is new. Just skip any feature for a while, if you want to.

Thanks for that. I was hoping to get the upgrade to 10.5 pro at a lower price than the upgrade to 11 pro.